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Are Sugar Substitutes Safe for Daily Use?

Artificial sweeteners are frequently the topic of heated debate. On one hand, they've claimed to boom your threat of cancer and damage your blood sugar and gut fitness. Then again, the greatest wellbeing government thinks o...
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Diet Changes to Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has been going around for a long time and more often than not, it turns life-threatening. The avoidance and precautions that a person should take to keep this disease at bay is something very enlightening to learn. Many people are genuine...
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Signs & Symptoms of Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes is considered as an epidemic disease. There is no proper cure as it is a chronic disease. Type 2 diabetes does not have any specific symptoms. This is why it is often known as a “silent killer.”  Insulin secretion ...
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How Diabetes Affects Your Teeth?

People who are suffering from diabetes, face increased blood sugar level. There are mainly two reasons for suffering from diabetes. Insulin resistance is the main reason that needs to check the sugar level in blood. Another reason is an insufficient amount of insul...
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Diabetes Myths To Stop Believing Now

Diabetes is a well-known chronic condition that is often fatal and can lead to serious health issues. It is estimated that the number of people who are being affected by diabetes is being quadrupled since 1980. Both Type-I and Type-II diabetes can lead to various c...
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Antiviral Activity of Dried Extract of Stevia

As you know, the dried extract of stevia, which is actually the leaf of the main plant, is widely used in the food industry as a healthy substitute for sugar. Stevia extract has unique values like greater sweetness than sugar and low calorie, which is why it finds ...
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