Diabetes care tips to get through the covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is a deadly disease, and if your immune system is strong, there are high chances that Covid-19 will not affect you.


Specifically, if you have diabetes, you are at higher risk of catching covid because it weakens your immune system strong and makes you prone to viral diseases. 

Coronavirus & diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should be even more cautious since you are at a higher risk of infection than anyone, particularly if your blood glucose levels fluctuate and out of control.

Uncontrolled diabetes weakens the immune system, making it more susceptible to infection. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), COVID-19 is responsible for 7.3 per cent of all deaths.

Diabetic patients with COVID-19 have a greater risk of diabetic problems such as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which happens when ketones accumulate in the blood and may be fatal. As a result, in Covid-19, the main goal is to keep diabetes under control.

Prevention of Diabetes with Stevia sweeteners

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) issued a joint statement saying that natural stevia products will help people with diabetes when they use them correctly and do not indulge by consuming more calories later.

Stevia is a natural substance made from the leaves of a shrub indigenous to North and South America. Natural Stevia produces steviol glycosides, which are about 150–300 times sweeter than sugar. On the other hand, Stevia has so little carbohydrates that it is practically a “zero-calorie” product.

Benefits of Stevia to cure diabetes. 

Stevia has become increasingly popular as a sugar substitute, notably among diabetic patients. According to the scientific evidence discussed in this report, Stevia can provide the following advantages to people with diabetes:


  • Antioxidant properties can be useful in the fight against the disease.
  • Controlling blood sugar levels when fasting and after meals.
  • Reduced appetite and increased satiety.
  • Afterwards in the day, there is less of a need to consume more calories.
  • Harm to the liver and kidneys is prevented.
  • Triglyceride and cholesterol levels are lower.
  • Stevia’s durability is another advantage.
  • It can be used in both hot and cold drinks, and it can also be sprinkled over oatmeal or berries.


Management of diabetes in times of covid. 

  • Since people are finding it difficult to get their everyday necessities, such as food and drugs, due to the stringent lockdown and home isolation. It is critical to retain supply to satisfy demand.


  • If you need to treat hypoglycemia or low blood pressure, have a stock of glucose pellets, butter, fruit juice, or hard candies soaked in Stevia Sugar on hand.


  • Supplies for insulin injections and other diabetic drugs may be purchased for a couple of months.


  • Keep an extra supply of glucose and ketone testing strips on hand.


  • To clear up any uncertainties or questions you may have about COVID-19, schedule an online or teleconsultation with your healthcare professional.


What research has to say about Stevia in preventing diabetes?

The impact of Stevia on blood glucose levels have been studied in many trials.

Dried stevia leaf powder greatly reduced blood glucose levels in people with diabetes both when fasting and after feeding, according to a 2016 review. The study’s researchers also saw a decrease in their triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations.

The study determined that using Stevia as sugar and other sugar substitute supplement is effective for diabetics and helps boost the immune system in times of pandemic. According to a 2013 review, taking whole stevia leaf powder as a dietary supplement reduced blood sugar levels.

Even so, more recent research of 372 trials found insufficient results for any negative or beneficial effects.

It is also worth noting that the majority of the studies use dried stevia leaves instead of stevia compounds.

Other additives, some of which could influence blood glucose levels, are commonly used in stevia extracts. 


So, if you have diabetes, then in this Covid crisis, replace refined sugar with Stevia sweeteners to keep your diabetics in control and strengthen your immune system, which helps you fight with coronavirus. Stevia and diabetes are enemies and maintain distance from each other. 

If you are looking for more guidance on Stevia for people with diabetes and wants to order, Nutrizo Advancis are happy to help! Hope it helps. 

Eat Healthy, stay healthy.