Diabetes Myths To Stop Believing Now

Diabetes is a well-known chronic condition that is often fatal and can lead to serious health issues. It is estimated that the number of people who are being affected by diabetes is being quadrupled since 1980. Both Type-I and Type-II diabetes can lead to various complications resulting in an increased risk of people dying prematurely. According to the World Health Organization, more than 400 million people suffer from diabetes throughout the world. Early diagnosis and medical intervention can help a patient to live a better and healthier life. In order to do this, it is important for people to understand the various myths that have surrounded diabetes.

  • Every obese person eventually develops Type 2 diabetes

It is a common myth that every overweight individual will eventually develop diabetes. However, it is a completely false notion. Various diabetes association says that although obese people are in a higher risk of suffering from diabetes, it does not necessarily mean that each and every obese individual will suffer from it.

  • Type 1 diabetes occurs due to poor diet

This is an absolutely false claim that people who have poor dietary habits will certainly suffer from Type 1 diabetes. According to researchers, Type 1 diabetes occurs mainly due to genetics and other unknown factors. It can even be diagnosed in young people and children who have a healthy dietary habit.

  • Once a person enters into the pre-diabetes category, it is certain that they will get diabetes

Many people think that once an individual reaches the pre-diabetes stage, it is impossible for them to recover. They think that if you have pre-diabetes, your health will continue to go in a downward spiral. However, it is completely false since early diagnosis and treatment can lead to a reversal of the symptoms. 

  • It is unsafe for diabetes patients to exercise

This myth is not only wrong but also dangerous since exercising can actually help an individual to control their diabetes in a much better way. Exercise can be extremely healthy and beneficial to diabetes patients since an active life ultimately means a healthy life.

  • Women who suffer from diabetes should avoid getting pregnant

Although there may be certain risk factors in pregnant women suffering from diabetes, it is not absolutely unsafe. The most important factor is to make sure that the blood sugar level is properly maintained during the entire term of pregnancy. However, the notion that women suffering from diabetes should completely avoid getting pregnant is absolutely wrong.

  • Only overweight people can suffer from diabetes

Although type 2 diabetes is often associated with the overweight population, it can also affect people who have a healthy weight. A study published by the American Medical Association said that the people who suffered from diabetes while having a normal weight were more under threat of heart disease as compared to obese people. Thus it cannot be said that it is only the obese people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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