Eye Care Tips for Diabetics

We live in such a beautiful world where everything is so colorful and bright and we can live and see those colors by ore eyes only. But we have seen some of the diseases have a very adverse effect in our eyes because it’s a very delicate part of our body and like any other body parts, eyes do need a little more care and affection. One such disease which extremely affects the eyesight of humans a lot is diabetes. It is always preferred to have a precaution before anything becomes worse. According to a recent report, it has been seen that around 40% of diabetic patients are more likely to have glaucoma and other eyesight problems as compared to non-diabetic people.  

Diagnose and understand the symptoms initially:

Jumping straight into wearing lenses or glasses for blurred vision is not recommended because the fluctuation of sugar level in your body leads to swelling of eye cells as well leading in temporary blurred vision. And these blurred vision can point to many other eye problems as well like cataract or glaucoma which needs to be diagnosed and cured well before it reaches a bad position. But of course, as mentioned earlier there are some precautions by which you can avoid such situations to come, we are about to discuss such steps in the next section only

Some basic and effective eye care tips for diabetic patients:

  • Know your diet well: there are many foods in your diet which indirectly contain a lot of glucose or sugar in it and that can again have an effect on your sugar level. Every diabetic patient is advised to have small portions of food in a regular interval of time so that the sugar level remains at a nominal level. Avoid such foods that contain sugar in any way, if necessary visit a dietician so that you can have a proper chart of diet. 
  • Protection from sunlight: the number of UV rays that are reaching us has been increased due to increased holes in the ozone layer. Thus it has become a necessity to protect your eyes and skin from those UV rays, we somewhat take care of our skins but because of a hectic schedule, we often forget to take care of our eyes. So having sunglasses always in your bag when you are out has become a necessity in today’s scenario. 
  • Eye exercises are so beneficial: there is a rule or you can say an exercise of 20/20 which means you have to concentrate on something for 20 seconds which is 20 meters far after every 20 minutes if you are into a laptop or any digital media. This exercise has reportedly helped a lot to relax the muscles of eyes a lot thus it is recommended by many doctors as well.
  • Try to have a natural solution to soothe your eyes: the best solution is to have a good 7-8 hours of sleep because eyes need to be relaxed and secondary things which you can do are using some cucumber or cotton pads dipped into milk first and then put over the eyelids so that they can provide some coolness to the eyes thus helps in relaxation.

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