How Diabetes Affects Your Teeth?

People who are suffering from diabetes, face increased blood sugar level. There are mainly two reasons for suffering from diabetes. Insulin resistance is the main reason that needs to check the sugar level in blood. Another reason is an insufficient amount of insulin production. 

Now let us talk about the impact of diabetes in our body. Usually, each and every part of our body is affected. Teeth including the oral region are affected badly for the reason of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The probability of damage is proportionate to the increased blood sugar level. 

Teeth affection due to diabetes:

Tooth Decay(Cavities): Several types of bacterial colonies are found in our mouth part. Among this, some bacterial colonies are beneficial to protect our teeth from decaying. This kind of beneficial bacterias react with starch and sugar and form a layer surrounding your teeth. This phenomenon is known as plaque. Teeth including enamel and dentin are affected due to plaque. Plaque induces to form acid. Acid can damage or decay your teeth gradually. Several amounts of sugar and starch are circulated during the stage of this disease. This symptom denotes that your teeth will be affected by this disease. 

Gingivitis(Gum disease): There are several symptoms among diabetic patients. Some symptoms are complex and some are problematic. This disease has the capacity to weaken your immune system. The weak immune system can cause dental problems. A healthy person can fight against any disease because of their immunity power. If a patient has diabetes as well as a weak immune system, he can face dental calculus. Dental calculus is a disease that is generally produced by the solidification of plaque. 

The base of the tooth is known as gingival. The hardening of the plaque can affect the tooth base or the gingival area. As a result, infection, swelling, bleeding, etc. occur. 

Periodontitis: It is known as advanced gum disease. The effect of periodontitis is more severe than that of gingivitis. Tissues and bones are affected by this disease. Thus teeth usually loosen up and come out from the gum. The result decreases immunity power. 

Thrush: Bacteria along with yeast resides in our mouth. Mainly Candida Albicans, a type of yeast is the reason which can cause thrush. 

Xerostomia: It is considered as a disorder in your mouth. Dry mouth is the main symptom of this disease. Insufficient saliva production is responsible for low moisture in our mouth. So plaque may appear in your teeth which can affect your dental health.  

Get rid of dental disorder if you are a diabetic patient: 

You can follow the below precautions to avoid this disease.

  • Do not consume high sugar-containing foods. 
  • Properly brush your teeth to prevent it from plaque. 
  • Make sure to remove the floss. 
  • Check your blood sugar level and take professional dental help.
  • You have to avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, soft drinks, etc. 
  • Exercise is needed to avoid the disease. Exercise can increase your flexibility and circulate blood properly in your body as well as mouth region.

Implement good habits in your daily life and avoid dental melody during the stage of diabetes.