How to Live a Sugar Free Life? - Nutrizo Advancis Healthcare


The sugar consumption rate in our country is really high and with it comes its side effects which are really unhealthy to our bodies like diabetes, high blood pressure and many more. Do you know that on a daily basis people intake of sugar is more than twenty-five teaspoons? The vast amount of sugar can be found in the item we purchase and slowly making us addicted towards it so much that it really becomes hard for us to live without sugar. So, here are some methods to cut back on sugar and adapt yourself with sugar-free life.


It’s not at all easy to adapt a sugar-free lifestyle after getting addicted to a life full of sugar but it is not impossible to. You must have heard that which states “impossible itself spells I am Possible”. So, you shouldn’t let your spirit down and practice some of the following methods of a sugar-free diet.

  • INCREASING INTAKE OF PROTEIN – To reduce the craving for sugar and for stabilizing our blood sugar consumption of protein is necessary as it slows the ingesting of sugar. In order to digest protein one needs to work a lot, this will later make us more fit and lively. If hungry you must rather consume high-quality protein sources or light snacks for reducing your sugar cravings.
  • INCREASE FIBRE – For moderating your sugar level intake you must have high fibre related foods like lentils, quinoa, avocados, peas, sprouts, beans, berries and oats are some of the few high fibre consisting food.
  • HABITS OF EATING HEALTHY FAT – The body needs two things in order to burn for energy it could either be fat or sugar. But in order for quitting sugar, you must consume fats at a high rate as it consists of more calories rather than carbohydrates or protein. Fats are advantageous for our body functions and a healthy mind. Here are some of the fat-related food that you can have for instance flax oil, olive oil, coconut oil, seeds, nuts, avocado and wild-caught fish are some the sugar-free product thus keeping you away from sugar.
  • REMOVE ALL SUGAR FROM YOUR PANTRY AND REFRIGERATOR – I am sure that you are sugar addict than your pantry and refrigerator must be full of sugar-related things. So, in the task of quitting sugar first, you must empty your refrigerator from anything containing sugar like tomato sauce, bread, chips, cereal, flavoured yogurt, ketchup, cookies and replace it with healthy foods so that your minds remain firm and you do not touch any unhealthy food.
  • LEARN TO SAY NO WHEN SUGAR IS MIXED IN THE EQUATION – This is another most important step when it comes to the topic of removing sugar from your life. When you order food you will find sugar mixed in it and it is that sugar which you need to say no, this process of preparation of food is what gives rise to obesity, diabetes and other diseases, thus say no, when sugar is in the equation.
  • LABELS ARE IMPORTANT, PAY ATTENTION! – On a daily basis, women should consume 25 grams of sugar and 35 grams of sugar can be consumed by men. So when you see the grams of sugar on the label divide it by four. That will help you in determining how many teaspoons you need to consume.


These are some of the methods like using natural stevia-based products that will help you in your journey of quitting sugar. It is quite an effective method that you must try.