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How to Take Control Over Diabetes?

Diabetes has become a very serious concern for the last few years. The most difficult part of controlling diabetes is that it is a daily challenge. The biggest key to manage diabetes is to keep the blood sugar level as close to a normal level as possible. There are...
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All About Diabetics Special Diet Plan

Food beneficial to type 2 diabetic patients is called superfoods. They provide calories or fats, protein, or carbohydrates. Some of the superfoods that are to be kept in everyday meals are-
  • Chia seeds
  • ...
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Effects of Alcohol on Diabetics

People who have problems with insulin have diabetes and need to manage the disease to stay healthy. There are some problems when diabetes patients consume alcohol. First of all, alcohol contains a lot of calories because they contain starch from a variety of vegeta...
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Top Diabetes Friendly Fruits

Fed up of counting calories while eating. Include fruits in your diet. They are highly nutritious and fibrous. They not only make sumptuous food but also absorb sugar gradually. But please avoid having processed ones like sauce and juice as they have negligible fib...
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Eye Care Tips for Diabetics

We live in such a beautiful world where everything is so colorful and bright and we can live and see those colors by ore eyes only. But we have seen some of the diseases have a very adverse effect in our eyes because it's a very delicate part of our body and like a...
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Easy Ways to Make Your Daily Life Healthier

Without medication, your primary diabetes management tips are exercises. Physical activeness can give you a diabetic free life. Dread exercises bring an improvement in your body to reduce the blood sugar level efficiently. So here we emphasize some tips based on th...
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