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The first question that comes in a person’s mind is why we should use stevia sugar instead of the normal table sugar. The legal status of stevia sugar varies from one country to another as a food additive or dietary supplement. Highly pure stevia glycoside extracts are used and are considered safe since 2008 by the United States of America.


Now the question arises, about what is stevia? It is essentially a sweetener and a sugar substitute which is derived from the plant species which are native of Brazil and Paraguay. The active compounds present in stevia are glycosides which are not only 150-300 times sweeter than sugar but also heat stable. These are also pH stable and non-fermentable. The human body does not metabolize the glycosides part present in stevia, thus it contains zero calories as compared to other artificial sweeteners.


Now you know everything about Stevia sugar, so here we will discuss the major advantages of this extremely beneficial plant. It has several health benefits. The quantity of carbohydrate present in stevia is almost five grams less than what is present in the normal table sugar consumed by us.

Some of the major advantages of consuming stevia sugar are as follows-

  • Stevia helps to control blood sugar and insulin levels

When compared to ordinary sugar, stevia consumption results in a much lower after-meal glucose and insulin level. Stevia is not only a safe sugar substitute but also a natural sensitizer for insulin which helps in the maintenance of normal levels of sugar and insulin in the body in diabetics as well as non-diabetics. The consumption of stevia sugar allows a person who is suffering from diabetes to be able to eat a wide range of foods without any risk of affecting health. Even the Type 2 diabetes test showed that it caused a reduction in the glucagon and blood glucose levels after a meal.

  • Weight control

Intake of food rich in fats and calories is one of the prime reasons for the increase in weight. Almost everyone consumes a lot of food which are high in sugar content. This is where stevia proves to be beneficial. Being low in sugar level it helps to reduce the calorie intake while also allowing you to consume your favourite food.

  • Blood pressure

It has been found that glycosides help to expound the blood vessels. The presence of glycosides in the stevia sugar makes it perfect for its action of heartbeat and blood pressure.


The list of advantages of stevia sugar does not end here. There are innumerable other benefits. However, you need to decide on your own whether the consumption of stevia is good or bad.  

The daily intake of normal sugar is harmful since it increases the risks of heart disease which further increases the chances of diabetes. Thus it is advisable to use stevia sugar, especially for diabetic patients. It provides multiple health benefits.

Stevia can be added to any of your favorite beverage and you can enjoy the sweeteners without compromising on the taste, while also gaining health benefits.