Things to Know About Diabetes & Skin Care

Diabetes and skin health are directly connected to each other. People who are suffering from diabetes should always take care of their skin.  As we all know that diabetes is a common disease in our society. The skin disorder is found among people who are affected by diabetes. Even skin problems can be an early symptom of diabetes. Skin disorder during diabetes is cured at any stage. If a diabetic patient aware of this consequence, and can experience the skin problem, they should consult with the physician. Early detection always helps to avoid the severe consequences of a disease. So here we discuss some tips for diabetic patients who are suffering from several skin health issues. 

Common skin problems are frequent among diabetic patients:

Diabetic patients mostly deal with their blood sugar issues. For this reason, they are very much susceptible to frequent skin diseases. Their skin is vulnerable to fungal infections, bacterial infections, itching, etc. Styes, athlete’s foot, and Yeast infection are the common skin diseases found in diabetic patients. 

Specific skin diseases are common in diabetic patients:

Besides common skin diseases, some rare skin issues are also found but in rare cases. Rare cases are diabetic blisters, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, diabetic dermopathy, and eruptive xanthomatosis. In this case, doctors suggest routine observation and proper medicine consumption. Physicians try to treat the patient’s blood sugar level of the patients in this case. Controlled blood sugar can decrease the severity of your disease.  

Acanthosis nigricans is the other common skin issues among people. In this case, the neck and armpits are affected. It is known as dirty neck syndrome. Discoloration and velvety looks are found in the neck and armpit region. This disease is considered an early sign of diabetes. Usually, people who are suffering from diabetes and is not diagnosed yet, are also suffering from this skin disease. 

Controlled blood sugar levels always help you to avoid diabetic consequences:

Dry skin is a common problem who is suffering from high blood glucose levels. The reason behind this is excessive urination. Basically, when excess glucose is accumulated in the blood, our body tries to efflux the glucose through urination to maintain the glucose level. So water content is decreased gradually and the skin gets dry. To avoid this situation, plenty of liquid should be consumed for skin hydration. 

Proper skincare resolves the problems:

Daily skincare can maintain a healthy life. So clean your skin daily and make the skin dry after cleaning. A hot bath, harsh soap should avoid in this case because it can dry your skin. Use lotion on your skin to become hydrated in the winter. Excessive moisture may enhance fungal or bacterial growth. Scratching, itching is strictly avoided. You should aware of any kind of cut, infection, burn-in this situation. Not only your skin but make sure about the cleanliness of the feet. After cleanliness, you need to dry your feet. Any kind of cut, burn, etc. can cause fungal or bacterial infection. These kinds of wounds are properly treated and consultation of the physician is necessary.